Spotify adds new features to its version for artists and begins to dabble in stories

Follow the steps of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and most recent Twitter.

As if that were not enough, a new application intends to implement stories on its platform. This idea, which was born at the beginning of Snapchat, and that later was watered by Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and more recent by Twitter, now comes to Spotify. The streaming service has this function available, for now, only available for artists.

The Slash Gear portal reports that this function has been testing since last year. In the first place, it was called Storyline and it was only available to great exponents of music. They detail that artists like Kelly clarkson Y Jennifer Lopez they had access to the function.

Therefore, now they have revealed it on their social networks and identified them as Spotify Clips. On copyright issues you have no problem, because you can use the extensive playlist in your library.

« We are introducing new ways for artists to use playlists to share their stories with fans, » they wrote in a post on their official Twitter account.

As in social networks where this modality is already implemented, these are short videos. In them, the artists could react to a specific theme or a certain playlist.

« Spotify Clips will debut on even more Spotify playlists, with artists in short videos allowing them to put their own stamp on a playlist experience, » they concluded.

Modifications in Spotify

The aforementioned portal reported that the platform added visual interaction to promote the different lists. They could also add looping videos to announce new releases.