Sporty and beautiful, Maribel Guardia wants to brighten the day for fans

Sporty and beautiful, Maribel Guardia wishes to brighten the day for fans | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Costa Rican host of Maribel Guardia still has a lot of energy and positive vibes to share with her Instagram fans and this time we will tackle a photograph, with which she verified it apart from dedicating a few nice words to us.

So it is this time we will address one of the publications most beautiful women that she has made recently, in which she appears wearing a red sports suit that adorned her beauty in an incredible way, noting the results that her perseverance has had in the Gym, something that has not stopped for years and that does not seem to have an end.

That’s right, in the photo we can see how some squares are formed on the abdomen of the beautiful woman who looks more and more young Y pretty Something that seems quite incredible to Internet users but who already know the quality of a strong woman that she is and that has shown that, based on dedication to exercise and good nutrition, great changes can be achieved in our positive body.

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In this way, he managed to capture the attention of tens of thousands of people who came to give him 46,000 likes and also comment on how much they like his entertainment pieces, some photographs that he uploads practically every day in which his photographer is in charge of capturing its best angles and of course its best clothing sets.

There is no doubt that Maribel Guardia has managed to maintain her status her beauty and of course her excellent personality, one that has always characterized her and how not to captivate the audience if she has a quite conquering voice apart from her beautiful face and of course her enviable figure.

Just yesterday we could see a photograph in which she posed with her daughter-in-law and we found it very impressive that despite the great age difference they look as if they were friends of the same generation or something similar.

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This is how, with her charming postcard, Televisa’s favorite collaborator demonstrated once again that you only need to love, invest time, effort and take maximum care of yourself to stay like her with a lot of energy and desire to continue enjoying life.

In Latin America we will continue to enjoy the great beauty and the excellent constancy that she has in uploading content to her social networks, so we recommend that you be aware of Show News and do not miss the best of Maribel Guardia, her best photos, videos and all that interesting information that is emerging around the beautiful television star.

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