The Angels.- The Netflix chain announced its releases and programming for June, so you do not get bored this quarantine

The streaming firm announced the arrival of tapes such as Non-stop Love Arrive, Lost in Tokyo, Perfume for Women and the complete saga of Indiana Jones.

You can also enjoy Rescuing Private Ryan, Hancock, King Arthur and the Deadly Enemy.

In June Netflix will put part 2 of the documentary series online Babies and The Soldier’s Family.

The smallest of the home can enjoy emblematic ribbons such as The corpse of the bride and The Grinch.

There is content even for anime lovers with the titles BAKI: THE SAGA OF THE GREAT TOURNAMENT OF RAITAI, BRAND NEW ANIMAL and LOVE OF GATA.


Nominees for awards:

Lost in Tokyo (6/30/2020)
Two lost souls, the abandoned wife of a photographer and a finished movie star, visit Tokyo and find genuine comfort in the company of the other.

Non-stop love (6/1/2020)
Ryan Bingham lives flying around the world on business, until he meets Alex, with whom he learns that life is not about travel, but about connections.

The good wife (1/6/2020)
Her husband is about to receive a Nobel Prize and she, who has been his faithful wife for almost 40 years, accompanies him. The awaited moment awakens memories and reflections.

Women’s perfume (6/30/2020)
With the idea of ​​earning money over the Thanksgiving holiday, a poor student agrees to care for a blind and curmudgeon retired colonel.

Rescuing Private Ryan (Coming June)
Eight soldiers risked their lives on German territory during World War II to search for a soldier and return him home.

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