Spiriman announces that “cancer has disappeared” from his body

The controversial doctor, Jesús Candel, better known as Spiriman has communicated in a video on his YouTube account that has overcome the cancer diagnosed last August. From that moment on, his presence on social networks was reduced. Now it comes back stronger than ever after confirming that « the cancer is gone » from your body.

Jesus Candel, Spiriman on Youtube

« They diagnosed me with a lung adenocarcinoma with so many metastases and they told me how I had the bones and organs of my body, I wanted and imagined, I decided to heal myself, » explained the youtuber from the Virgen de las Nieves and the peak of Veleta, in Sierra Nevada. The man has celebrated his « spectacular » recovery: « The tumor has disappeared, the tremendous metastases that penetrated the spinal canal have disappeared« Candel confirmed.

Spiriman has narrated that thanks to the « inner strength that we all have and that is capable of working miracles » he has managed to fight against the terrible disease. Of course, you have not forgotten assess the scientific evidence of the « treatments with harsh side effects » to which they have been subjected, consequences that he claims are « temporary ».

Encouragement message

After having gone through this terrible experience, Spiriman wanted to send a message of hope to all those who are living this same disease: « I clung to the one who fights and he who wants to defeat this disease, lives. And I encourage all of you to do so. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone. I just want to tell you that I feel wonderful things. Cancer is a life experience and cancer is something that can be overcome« said the doctor, who sees this as » a second chance « that life has given him.