Spinetta, the one chosen by Alberto Fernández to commemorate the Musician’s Day

President Alberto Fernandez he remembered tonight the figure of Luis Alberto Spinetta, when posting a video on social networks tribute to the founder and leader of the groups « Almendra », « Invisible » and « Pescado Rabioso« , among others, on the occasion of the celebration of Musician’s Day.

Luis Alberto Spinetta

« In memory of Luis Alberto Spinetta Argentines celebrate the Day of the Musician today. He, and so many more, have musicalized moments of our lives and with that art they have fed our souls. My eternal gratitude for so much art that they provide and have provided, « said the President in his account on the social network Twitter, in the message that accompanies the audiovisual record.

In the posting of Fernández there is a link that leads to the youtube platform, and in which the song is played « Elementals Milks », from the Invisible group, released in 1974 on the album that bears the band’s name.

Musician’s Day

The president also accompanied his publication with a photo, where He is seen giving « Flaco » a hug when he played, in 2003, at the Casa Rosada, during the presidency of Néstor Kirchner, in times in which Fernández served as Chief of Staff.

January 23 Musician’s Day is celebrated in homage to the work of Spinetta, who would have turned 71 today and died in February 2012. The celebration was established by Law 27.106 in 2015.

Spinetta also joined bands such as: « Spinetta Jade » and « Spinetta and the Desert Partners », and was the author of great songs like « I pray for you »; « Cantata of yellow bridges », « Girl with paper eyes »; « All the leaves are from the wind » or « Continue living without your love », among others.