Spiderwoman Comic Review, No. 1: Bad blood


Original edition: Spider-Woman, vol. 7, nos. 1 to 5 USA.
Departure date: March 2021
Script: Karla Pacheco.
He drew: Pere Pérez, Paulo Siqueira and Mattia de Iulis.
Format: Volume in softcover. 136 pages. In color.
Price: € 14.00

After a while without any open collection, Marvel Comics decided to offer a new opportunity to the spider woman known as Jessica Drew. To do this, Marvel offered the role of screenwriter to Karla Pacheco, who had already worked on Fearless (No. 2), Secret Empire: Brave New World (No. 4), Fantastic Four 2099 (No. 1), and Punisher Annual (2019, no. 1). In addition, in need of an artist at the height of the project, Marvel hired Pere Pérez, who had already worked on works such as Jane Foster: Valkyrie, Rogue and Gambit: Ring of Fire, X-Men: Gold, Friendly Neighbor Spiderman (no. 12), among others. With the main team assembled, the first issue of the Spiderwoman collection was released in March 2020. Today, we review the first five-issue compilation of this new Spiderwoman comic series. In this volume we will see Jessica taking charge of protecting a girl as a job, but she will soon discover that she has been poisoned and will have to collaborate with a certain person to find the cure and be able to continue regenerating.

Image of Spiderwoman, no.  1: Bad bloodImage of Spiderwoman, no.  1: Bad bloodIn general, we are facing a comic quite entertaining and invigorating for Spiderwoman, because not only does it keep us glued to the pages during the five issues it lasts, but it also remove their lore and makes everything turn much more interesting at times. Now, speaking a little more in depth about the comic without making too much spoiler of it for those who have not been able to get hold of it, in open lines I can say that I quite liked how Karla Pacheco has dared to enter into the history of origins Spiderwoman and generate something eye-catching and intriguing within today’s new standards. On the other hand, that Jessica was tricked so easily and then having to collaborate with Michael Marchand is an easy resource and that makes sense, but it is an efficient engine for the plot to continue moving number by number. Also, the justification for the costume change it feels natural and quite efficient for what we are normally used to. Then the appearance of Octavia Vermis As an enemy and antagonist, she is one of the best resources to connect Jessica Drew’s past with the present, although her initial motivations were only to be a salesperson, something that improves and is enhanced with the encounter with Jessica. However, the final stretch is very well spun, executed and get you to be very aware of the dialogues and details that Karla Pacheco is telling you. What’s more, the final cliffhanger manages to leave you wondering how certain aspects of the plot that Karla Pacheco has opened will be resolved.

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Image of Spiderwoman, no.  1: Bad bloodImage of Spiderwoman, no.  1: Bad bloodAs for the characters, Jessica Drew She is shown as a somewhat grumpy character that worsens at times, due to the disease caused by a “cure” that has been injected against her will. However, Jessica is collaborative when it comes to finding the formula to return to being as before and thus also helping a young girl who is in a wheelchair. Despite this, on more than one occasion we see her get more angry than necessary when she is revealed “sections” of the truth and even more so when she discovers the truth, near the end of the volume. Michael Marchand He is a rich man who tries by all means to cure his daughter with the means they used for Jessica Drew, but his attitude leaves something to be desired on more than one occasion, especially when he hides things from Jessica. However, Michael ends up changing his character near the end to a slightly better one for reasons that we will not reveal. Rebecca Marchand She is a girl in a wheelchair who is too nice for all the acts that happen to her – such as the continuous kidnapping attempts – considering that she is a teenager. In the beginning, Octavia Vermis he only intends to sell the spider Latrodectus Aeternum, but the confrontation with Jessica Drew removes his past and, later on, he seeks revenge against the Drew family and some investigation that he considers his own.

Image of Spiderwoman, no.  1: Bad bloodImage of Spiderwoman, no.  1: Bad bloodOn rhythm, Karla Pacheco opts for balanced times with which to delve into the characters or give a few doses of action, in addition to delivering an intriguing plot that captures you.

About The edition, we are facing a softcover volume that collects the first five issues of the seventh volume of Spider-Woman with a binding and a very good paper. On the other hand, as for the Additional features, we have a fantastic prologue and epilogue by Lidia Castillo, as well as a set of alternative covers at the end of the volume.

On an artistic level, Pere Perez gives us a quite remarkable drawing that makes us enjoy the five numbers in their fullness. The character and background designs are fantastically well done, with a great level of detail. We can also highlight how well worked the facial and body expressions are when showing the feelings and emotions of the characters, giving a very natural result. At the same time, we can also highlight the collaboration in number 1 of Paulo Siqueira, with a remarkable drawing and artistic style that fits very well with that of Pere Pérez; and also to Mattia de Iulis in number 5, who leaves us beautiful pages of realistic tint, with precious details and a good play of light and shadow.

In short, I consider that we are facing a very interesting first number of Spiderwoman, which puts Jessica Drew back on stage to shine like never before.

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