Spider-Man: No Way Home | New leak indicates Kirsten Dunst could be dating

The amount of rumors about Spider-Man: No Way Home is immense. What is this about? Simply because after Spider-Man: A New Universe – 100%, fans wish with all their hearts that the third MCU movie uses the concept of the Spider-Verse, but focused on the three live-action franchises about the arachnid; that is, in that movie we can see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield along with Tom Holland.

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There have been all kinds of official and unofficial indications that this is really going to happen. The first is that both Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx are going to give life to the villains of the old movies about the New York hero. This has been taken as a confirmation that we are going to see the other Spider-Men on the scene. Some leaks have indicated that this may well be the case. Others even mention that we will see Charlie Cox playing Daredevil again. It is something that we do not know for sure if it will happen, but many fans want to take it as a reality.

Something that several people have wondered is if we will also see their love interests again. A new leak seems to indicate that we are at least going to see Kirsten Dunst again in the role of Mary Jane. On Twitter, the Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst News account, which specializes in news about Maguire and Dunst, noticed that in an IMDb listing it mentions that Askia Won-Ling Jacob she has the role of “the actress’s personal wardrobe”. Of course, that list has already disappeared from the face of the earth, but they left a screenshot:

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IMDb mentions that Askia Won-Ling Jacob is as Kirsten Dunst’s personal costume designer in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As always, this leak is not necessarily true and could just be someone who is playing on the feelings of fans of the franchise. Until we see the movie, or until Marvel reveals it, we have to start with the idea that she is not going to be on the tape. This is particularly true of a movie full of rumors whose only source appears to be wishful thinking rather than actual information.

On the other hand, here we leave the other recent leak that ensures that Maguire, Garfield and Cox are involved in this movie:

The movie is very much focused on Tom’s Peter. Tobey and Andrew are in it too, but not until the final act. Very little screen time compared to Tom. Norman Osborn is the closest thing to the main villain. However, he is not Willem Dafoe, he is not in this one. Various villains will pursue Peter while Osborn works from the shadows. He has been researching the multiverse to make a name for himself. Think of a [Tony] Evil Stark. He wants to kill Spidey / gain power. Instead of dying at the end of Spider-Man 2, Octavius ​​was transported to the MCU. He tried to find his wife, but Osborn found him and captured him. Osborn has the Tinkerer build a new set of tentacles that can control Octavius ​​if he gets out of line. Osborn promises that if Ock cooperates, he will send him home. Hulk’s time travel / snap in Endgame created rifts in the multiverse. Wanda is exploiting them in an attempt to bring her children back. Strange alludes to that. He finds and confronts Wanda in the post-credits scene, probably a scene from Multiverse of Madness. Strange appears throughout the movie to help Peter. However, he doesn’t fight as he has multiverse issues to deal with. In the end, Peter can’t clear his name, so Strange makes everyone forget he’s Spider-Man. Electro is green and yellow. It does not look like the one in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The Vulture will appear in a scene. Yes charlie [Cox] he’s back. Nelson and Murdock defend Peter, multiple court scenes. Charlie is Murdock in 90% of his scenes and Daredevil in 10%. Jameson has a bigger role and is appearing in court. Tom receives a new suit, but red and black should be his main for a while. The movie ends with the graduation of Peter and his friends. Happy dies. I’m not sure what will happen to Ned, but it looks like he won’t be around next time. Zendaya should stay, but seems to forget about her relationship with Tom. Spider-Man 4 (2023) is planned to be all about the SpiderVerse. Tom, Andrew, Tobey, all protagonists.

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