spending more than 20 minutes in the car would put your health at risk

Constant exposure to traffic, for example, increases the possibility of breathing carcinogens.

Spending a lot of time in the car, even if you’re only on the way to work, could put your Health. A recent study details the different components that a person breathes while driving or traveling in a car. Consequently, they identified some elements carcinogens, capable of generating cancer in the body.

These are data provided by a study of the University of California at Riverside, publishes USA Today. In it they explain that spending more than 20 minutes in the car increases the chances of suffering Cancer.

The study highlights that its conclusions do not ensure that for spending more than 20 minutes traveling in a vehicle the person will suffer from cancer, they are only theories for now. However, they do suggest that the possibilities increase as this practice is performed regularly.

Elements that put health at risk

In the investigation, two specific elements were found. One of them is the formaldehyde and the other is the benzene. Both products are chemical and toxic. They are also embedded in the rugs inside, the fuel and even in the painting. « They are capable of causing cancer and developmental defects « , the investigation maintains.

The study collects data from the populations of the California region. Specifically, they talk about San Diego, Lthe angels, Santa Clara, Orange Y Mall. They say that about 90% of people have a 10 percent chance of breathing formaldehyde and benzene.

Another piece of data that worries the authors of the research is that as time passes, the average vehicle trip increases. Other studies measured that in 2018 the duration of the trip had already increased to 27 minutes. While, at present, people travel at least 30 minutes one way and another half hour back.

Although they need more research, to obtain more conclusive data, the study is certain. Exposure to these two chemicals is increasing more and more, which results in increased health risks.