Spencer apologizes for Xbox Series X | S shortage in some regions

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Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 were released in an unprecedented context due to the pandemic. Due to this and other factors, such as resellers, some gamers have had trouble getting the next-gen consoles.

In Microsoft’s case, demand for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was quite high in many regions, so fans of the brand have struggled to get one of the systems in its launch week.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, is aware of this problem, so he is already working to get more units from both consoles to reach all regions. The manager revealed part of his strategy and took the opportunity to apologize for the shortage of consoles.

Xbox pledges to meet demand for Xbox Series X | S

It is important to mention that the shortage of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is not due to production problems. Fortunately for Microsoft, the consoles have had a very successful debut in various regions, so they have been a highly sought after product.

In fact, Spencer confirmed a few days ago that the premiere of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the most successful in the history of the brand. That said, the manager stated at Glitchcon 2020 (via Pure Xbox) that there is a shortage at many retailers and that gamers continually struggle to get their console.

Spencer revealed that he receives messages from the community requesting more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units in stores. So you’re already working with your entire team to get the most number of system units on the shelves.

“We need more consoles. The number 1 request I get over and over again is: ‘it’s very difficult to get the consoles right now’, and I really apologize for that. We have been building them for almost 2 months and trying to fit as many as we can into the stores, but the demand is so high, “Spencer said.

The head of Xbox spoke of the pandemic and the effort that developers and distributors have made to have games ready for the new generation. Spencer stated that it has not been an easy year for Microsoft not Sony, so he asked for the understanding of the players.

“The developers have done an amazing job, I mean this is a very, very crazy year with all kinds of hurdles to get the games made and the platforms made, so congratulations to all the teams, both Sony and to us, and to all third parties for achieving what we have been able to do, “concluded Spencer.

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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debuted on November 10. In this link you will find all the information related to both consoles.