Spectacular! Surprise Billie Eilish on the cover of Vogue – El Sol de México

Billie Eilish dropped a bomb on the world by announcing this Sunday that she will be the star of the next cover in the British edition of Vogue.

The singer announced just a few days ago the release of her second album, Happier Than Ever, which will include the hit “Therefore I Am”.

For a few months, the followers of the young star speculated on social networks about the reason why she hid her characteristic green hair.

The photo with which he revealed his new look became the publication that reached the fastest million likes on Instagram: it took him 6 minutes. In two days it became the third publication with the most likes in the history of the social network.

“It’s all about what makes you feel good,” reads the cover of the magazine in which Eilish poses in latex gloves from Atsuko Kudo, a skirt and corset from Gucci, lingerie from Agent Provocateur and jewelry from Jacquie Aiche.

The surprise for her appearance on this cover stems from how reluctant the singer was to show the figure that she hid under the loose clothing that characterizes her. Perhaps the key is in the phrase that accompanies your new image in the magazine.

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The reaction on social networks was immediate; Mainly on Twitter, where users were delighted to receive the news of the singer from Los Angeles.

Billie Eilish today represents the antithesis of a traditional pop star, the youngest voice of feminism and an irreverent cry against the norms that are imposed on the appearance of women.

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However, this change arises from the need to explore her own image, as she herself says in the publication. It is her voice making itself heard over the noise produced by being one of the most observed teenagers in the world.

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