Ex Libris: The New York Public Library‘, directed by Frederick Wiseman, takes the viewer into the back room of one of the largest knowledge institutions in the world. The film examines how this legendary organization has continued to offer its regular activities while adapting to the digital revolution.

Through the documentary, where figures such as Patti Smith or Elvis Costello appear, we see how the library’s headquarters inform and educate in multiple ways: Books, concerts, conferences, debates, workshops … We see how the public library in New York is It strives both to inspire interest in knowledge and to strengthen the community.

Scar winner Frederick Wiseman (Boston, 1935) is a documentary legend, known for his sharp portraits of American society, its public institutions, and diverse professional fields. Since producing and directing the feature film ‘Titicut Follies’ in 1967, Wiseman has become one of the inescapable references in documentary cinema. His films (‘High School’, ‘Essene’, ‘Hospital’, ‘Welfare’, ‘Law and Order’, ‘Ballet’ and ‘In Jackson Heights’, among others) are studied at universities around the world and have been awarded at the Cannes, Berlin and Venice festivals.

In the words of Frederick Wiseman himself, “The Public Library is one of the most important cultural institutions in New York City due to the extension of its archives. In addition to traditional work, the main library and its 92 headquarters have become community centers offering a wide variety of courses: business, programming, languages, extracurricular activities and adult education. The library is the most democratic of institutions. Everyone is welcome and all races, ethnicities and social classes are active participants in the day by day in the library. “

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