Spanish team | Rodri Hernández, Ferran Torres, Fabián Ruiz and Borja Mayoral do not go to the Olympic Games

Rodrigo Hernández, Ferran Torres, Fabián Ruiz and Borja Mayoral do not go to the Olympic Games. As AS has learned, these are the four footballers that their clubs do not let go to the Olympic event with Spain.

Photo by Ferrán Torres

Photo of Fabian

Photo of Mayoral

Spanish clubs are obliged to give up their players, but in the case of foreign teams they do not have that obligation as they are not FIFA dates.. Manchester City, Rome and Naples, despite the fact that the Federation has been negotiating with them for weeks, they have not twisted their arm and have prevented them from being in Luis de la Fuente’s 18-player squad.

It should be noted that the predisposition of the four was total. The coach spoke with them more than a month ago and they all told him they wanted to go, despite the fact that three of them were also called up for the Eurocup. Francis Hernández, coordinator of the lower categories, contacted the clubs to convince them, but it was not possible.

In the Federation there is total tranquility, because they understand that the substitutes are of maximum guarantee. In fact, they prefer not to talk about substitutes, but what the clubs’ decision has done is to lighten a preliminary list of 30 or 34 players with whom they have been working for weeks. At the same time, there is great disappointment because of these four three were fixed on the list (Fabián, Ferran and Mayoral) and Rodrigo had quite a few options to go, because Bayern with Marc Roca had also been inflexible for weeks. It will be Zubimendi, from Real Sociedad, who goes in that defensive pivot demarcation.

The list of 18 summoned will finally be on Tuesday 29. It was scheduled for Monday, but they have decided to postpone it one day so as not to coincide with the round of 16 match of the European Championship that faces Spain with Croatia. La Olímpica is concentrated on Wednesday 30th in Benidorm, where they will be concentrated until July 13th they travel to Japan. There they will play a friendly (July 17) before the debut of the 22 against Egypt in Sapporo.

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