Polio vaccine studied as protection against covid-19 0:33

(CNN Spanish) – Antiretrovirals used against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hydroxychloroquine could work as a preventive treatment against covid-19 infection in high-risk healthcare personnel.

This is the line of research developed by the Clinical Trial for the Prevention of Coronavirus Infection in Sanitaryware (EPICOS) promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Health and which has now made the leap to Latin America.

Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay have joined this investigation, while Mexico and Venezuela have requested to participate.

To test its prophylactic efficacy, one or two drugs will be administered preventively and randomly to one group, and compared to another that will be administered a placebo.

Unlike other studies with these same drugs, the aim is to demonstrate their usefulness before health personnel come into contact with the virus.

“If we demonstrate that any of the treatments being tested at EPICOS is effective, it would be logical to expand it to other professionals who are at risk, such as the State security forces and bodies or any other group that we consider to be highly vulnerable to the consequences of the covid-19 ”, explains Julia del Amo, director of the National Plan on AIDS and principal investigator of EPICOS.

This preventive EPICOS treatment lasts 12 weeks, although intermediate analyzes will be carried out to assess the effectiveness of each option, reports the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Currently, in Spain, a total of 67 hospitals in 14 autonomous communities are part of this clinical trial coordinated by the National Plan on AIDS, in which medical and nursing personnel, caretakers, pharmacists, radiology and laboratory technicians, cleaners participate. and chaplains.