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The bill for the coronavirus for Spanish football amounts to at least 54 million euros in losses, according to the consultancy ‘Brand Finance’, whose CEO Teresa de Lemus assured . that it is a « variable » calculation, that « it is still alive » and that it depends on the differences between large and small teams.

A report that also highlights the economic strength of the Spanish teams with Real Madrid and Barcelona in the first two places in the ranking in terms of brand value.

The entity led by Florentino Pérez returns to lead the ranking, a domain sustained, according to De Lemus, in his early management of the club as a company.

« We are getting used to having Madrid and Barcelona there, which seems easy, but it is not. It is great news. We could compare these two teams with brands such as Adidas and Nike. The most outstanding thing about them is that since They have been managing themselves as businesses for a long time, as more than soccer. they know how to manage their brands very well and both get a great source of income through other businesses, not only soccer. Both have entered the innovation sector to finance technological projects, « he said.

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De Lemus spoke about Real Madrid’s strengths to stay at the top of the ranking: « It is one of the first clubs that has been managed as a company. Having managed like this, focusing a lot on revenue having the ability to make better transfers, obviously have better results in matches and this makes you have more followers. That is the greatest strength. « 

« In the soccer business there is a particularity that is the two-way relationship. That is, what La Liga achieves as a brand has a positive impact on the clubs that are part of it, and vice versa. The League is having a very good reception in the market Chinese, but this does not mean that all clubs are being received in the same way in China. The Chinese market is receiving better Real Madrid, but in the United States, for example, Barcelona fans are increasing. Not everything is going hand, but very close, « he said.

The CEO of ‘Brand Finance’ explained what the analysis of La Liga losses due to the break is based on: « It is an assessment that takes into account different fronts. The impact is not only at the level of competition that you stop having to the fans in the stadium and the income on the day of the game, it also impacts audiovisual rights. It is a fact that is still alive. «