Spanish ports and airports prepare to receive tourists next Sunday, when the country enters the « new normal » after three months of exceptional measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far left 28,315 deaths and 245,575 infections, according to data officers

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Since that day, Spain It will open its borders with the countries of the European Schengen area (an area with a common space, also known as internal borders of the EU), except for Portugal, which will take place on July 1, along with the rest of the countries of the world.

But for that opening to be done safely, travelers arriving in Spain They will have to pass a triple sanitary control, which includes filling out a document stating if they have passed the coronavirus and where to locate them, a temperature control and a visual inspection.


This control will be carried out by foreign health personnel, a department under the Ministry of Health made up of around 540 professionals, of whom 150 are doctors and nurses, and which has been reinforced with a hundred people, as reported by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, at a press conference.

First, the traveler must fill out a document with information for their location and information « on whether or not they have been through the epidemic and under what conditions, » Illa explained.

In addition, there will be a second control of the temperature of the traveler, and a visual control.

If one of these three primary checks is not passed, Illa said, the traveler will be examined by a doctor.


The Spanish Government has chosen to establish these health security controls while negotiating the opening conditions with several countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, two of the main issuers of tourists toward Spain.

Foreign Ministry sources told Efe that, at the moment, there are talks with Great Britain to decide whether or not to implement a quarantine for British travelers in reciprocity, which this country imposes on Spanish travelers.

According to the sources, it is the United Kingdom itself that is in the process of reviewing the quarantine implemented at the border, and the decision that Spain It should take in the next few hours.

Talks are also taking place with France to manage the gap on the opening dates, as Spain It plans to open its borders at 00:00 on Sunday 21, while France will not do the same until 24 hours later, on Monday 22.

The idea of ​​the Spanish Government is for the European Union to establish harmonized and common criteria for opening the borders, but if this is not the case, Spain « will go free » and establish its own controls based on those being tested in the « pilot test » in the Balearic Islands with a thousand tourists Germans, according to Foreign Ministry sources. Germany is the third country, with Great Britain and France, which tourists heads towards Spain.