Spanish Foreign Minister asks Biden Administration to negotiate Trump sanctions

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, asked the new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, a review of the sanctions established in the Trump era, as she declared in a program on the Basque public radio station Radio Euskadi.

The minister mentioned in the first high-level contact between the Spanish Government and the Biden Administration, which took place last Tuesday, « how important it would be for transatlantic relations and how important it would be for relations between the United States and Spain to resolve a whole series of disputes in the commercial field, « he explained.

Regarding the response, González Laya said that he obtained a commitment that the issue would be addressed as soon as the new head of trade in Washington was appointed in the framework of a conversation that he described as « very cordial » and that he estimated to last 45 minutes.

The head of Spanish foreign policy cited as an example of these disputes, a series of Spanish companies that suffered sanctions in the framework of the conflict between Airbus and Boeing « products that had nothing to do with aviation, » she said after citing the sectors of renewables, mechanical components or agri-food.

« All these differences in the commercial field have to be the object of a discussion and negotiation and a channel has to be found », summarized González Laya.

To conclude, on this issue, the Spanish minister concluded by expressing her wish that with the new US administration, « a trade agenda be resumed and we support transatlantic trade to be a little freer, » she concluded.

Source: Sputnik