Spanish drivers are among the Europeans who honk the horn the most and pass on the right

Updated Sunday, May 16, 2021 – 14:00

92% of respondents are afraid of aggressive behavior from other drivers

The A-5 in Madrid, heading towards Extremadura.ZipiEFEEspaa The seven ‘deadly sins’ of the driver

Spaniards at the wheel are among the Europeans who honk the most inopportune ways, pass on the right on motorways and they double park, bike lanes or spaces reserved for buses, while, on the contrary, they are among those that before stop to rest on long trips and less configure the navigator when driving.

These are some conclusions from the 8 European Barometer of Responsible Driving, promoted by the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation and prepared by Ipsos through an online survey between 9 and 22 March this year of 12,400 drivers from 11 European countries (Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Poland , Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden).

Spain leads some unfavorable behaviors in the 11 countries consulted, since the 62% of Spanish drivers admit that they honk their horns in an untimely way at drivers who annoy them (47% of European average), 41% pass on the right on the motorway (30%), 61% double-park (28%) and 26% stop or park in lanes reserved for bicycles or buses (18%).

In addition, 92% of the Spaniards surveyed are afraid of the aggressive behavior of other drivers (the highest figure of the 11 countries, whose average is 84%). On the contrary, Spanish drivers are the ones who stop earlier when they make a stop. long road trip and they do it after two hours and 37 minutes. The poles They are on the other side of the table, resting after three hours and 38 minutes at the wheel.

29% of Spaniards configure the navigator while driving, which is the lowest percentage of the 11 countries (43% of the European average).

According to the criteria of

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