Spanish boxing will fight to have more than two fighters in Tokyo

The national boxing team will fight in the Paris pre-Olympic, from June 4 to 8, for adding one more place to the two already existing, those signed by Gabriel Escobar (-52 kg), José Quiles (-57 kg), waiting to cross his fingers and that the bicep injury that this last fighter recently suffered comes to nothing and does not deprive him of a good set-up.

To the French capital the national team will present a woman and three men: the Tenerife Melissa tudge, the Valladolid Miguel Cuadrado, the boxer of Cuban origin Enmanuel Reyes Pla and the one of Russian origin ‘Gazi’ Jalidov. This will be the final Pre-Olympic, the last appointment to win a place for the Tokyo Olympics.

From the Spanish Boxing Federation (FEB) they hope to add some more place to the two already existing in Paris and point out to MD that the two boxers who could have more options could have could be Miguel Cuadrado (-75 kg) and Enmanuel Reyes Pla (-91 kg), although everything will depend on how they arrive at the Parisian appointment and which boxers have to measure themselves.


1992: 7 participants. Quarter-finals and diploma for Rafael Lozano and silver medal for Faustino Reyes
1996: 1 boxer. Rafael Lozano. Bronze
2000: 1 boxer, Rafael Lozano. Silver
2004: no representation
2008: Kelvin de la Nieve. Eliminated first round
2012: Kelvin de la Nieve (first round) and Jonathan Alonso (first round)
2016: Samuel Carmona (quarters) and Youba Sissokho (first round)
* The first edition that Spain has boxers in the Olympic Games was in 1924. In 1928 it also had representation. Later, in 1948, 1960, and now in all editions, except Moscow 1980 and 2004. Until Barcelona 1992, the best result was achieved by Enrique Rodríguez Cal, 1972, bronze

Whatever happens in the Paris pre-Olympic You could always aspire to some more place by ranking, although the best thing would be to secure yourself between the Parisian ropes.

For now, with the two places already secured, the national boxing team equals the two that were held in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the two in the 2016 Olympic Games. London Olympics, far from the seven places that were achieved in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. In that edition, Spain had seven representatives in the ring, with the best result of the diploma achieved by Rafael Lozano placeholder image (quarter-finals) and the silver medal for Faustino Reyes.

After the Pre-Olympics, the national team will participate in a tournament and hold a concentration, since “they will have to pick up more pace. They may do some national competition, some concentration abroad with several teams, with simulated combats ”, they explain to MD from the FEB.


8 weight categories are confirmed for men (by 10 in Rio de Janeiro) and 5 in women (by 3 in 2016).
Fly (48-52 kg)
Feather (52-57 kg)
Lightweight (57-63 kg)
Welterweight (63-69 kg)
Medium (69-75 kg)
Medium heavy (75-81 kg)
Heavy (81-91 kg)
Super Heavy (+91 kg)
Fly (48-51 kg)
Feather (54-57 kg)
Lightweight (57-60 kg)
Welterweight (60-69 kg)
Medium (69kg-75kg)
Being the total of competitors of 186 men and 100 women, for a total of 286. In Rio de Janeiro there were also 286 participants in boxing, but with the following distribution: 250 men, 36 women.

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