Spanish boxers face tough opponents in the quarterfinals with the dream of Olympic medals

There are three medal options left to him. spanish boxing in the Tokyo Olympics, in the gloves of Gabriel Escobar, Enmanuel Reyes Pla Y Gazi khalidov, after removal of Jose Quiles. Both fighters arrive in good shape to the event, but they will face tough opponents who will not be easy to overcome. The shine of the medals must be the extra energy that drives the Spanish fighters, as well as the wise words that from the corner give them national coach: Rafa Lozano, who already knows what it is to kiss a medal. In fact, he has been the last boxer to achieve an Olympic medal for the Spanish boxer. Did it in Sydney 2000, silver; before a bronze was hung in Atlanta 1996 and was an Olympic diploma in Barcelona 1992. 21 years later, Spanish boxing has an Olympic medal at hand.

We are going to analyze each of the fights:


The fight Gazi khalidov against Imam Khataev it can be quite balanced. Khataev has entered at the last minute, as he was the substitute for another Russian fighter Giorgii Kushitashvili. That they arrested him in April and he couldn’t go to qualifier. They arrested him for assault and possession of drugs with some kind of gang in Moscow. They pushed him aside and Khataev found an open door. He was out of the semifinals, but in the repechage he entered the Paris pre-Olympic and won in the round of 16 of Tokyo to the world champion. He is a rival to be reckoned with. A surprise. He is a very strong opponent, who has a great punch. Gazi has to box in this fight and if he keeps a certain distance he can pass, although it will be difficult. And we must not forget one circumstance, both are born 100 kilometers away, in two different republics. Gazi in Dagestan and Khataev in Chechnya. Jalidoc had to leave his country in the invasion of Chechnya.

Jalidov and Khataev were born less than 100 kilometers apart, one is from Chechnya and the other from Dagestan

When is it held: Friday 30, at 06.00 Spanish time


Julius Caesar the Cross He has been four times world champion, he is the last Olympic champion after defeating the Kazakh Vassily Levit, all in -81 kg. He stayed in the semis in the last World Cup, where he also fought at -81 kg, but they decide to take the step because he already had gait problems and accesses -91 kg and they put him on the lists to go to the Tokyo Olympics without making merits in the category, which does not mean that he has been one of the greatest boxers of the last decade; possibly the best boxer of the entire decade in Olympic boxing, as evidenced by his titles in the Olympic, Pan American and World Championships. The point in favor of Reyes Pla is to see his rival at -91 kg, his performance is unknown. In fact, the other day he had a fairly accessible ‘vervain match’ with a Kenyan boxer but he looked quite deep, which for a boxer who has always pulled reflexes and fought with low hands is a problem. It has the name and the quality, but at the best moment is Enmanuel Reyes Pla. They already saw each other in 2014 at -81kg in the final of the Cuban Championships in Girón Beach. Julio César won and that fight closed the doors on him at -81kg and that meant the closing of the doors in his native Cuba, which he did in 2020, before facing a real journey and putting down roots in Galicia, where his family was.

The Prophet will try to continue teaching his religion in Tokyo


The faces have already been seen on occasion, precisely in Cuba, before Reyes Pla left his Cuban past behind and arrived in Spain

When it takes place: Friday 30, at 12:45 Spanish time


And this Saturday Gabriel Escobar will seek the quarterfinals against an acquaintance, the Bulgarian Asenov. Both have shared victories, being the last of the Spanish and in the final of the European championship 2019, also in the European Games.

When is it held: Saturday 31st, at 10.30 a.m. Spanish time

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