Spain, with Ona Carbonell at the head, will be in Tokyo

06/11/2021 at 5:07 PM CEST


The Spanish artistic swimming team, led by Ona Carbonell, will participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games after being second in the Pre-Olympic final that is held at the Sant Jordi pool in Barcelona.

Italy, which beat Spain, both in the technical routine on Thursday and in the free routine on Friday, achieved the best score. Together with Italians and Spaniards, the Greek team got the third ticket for the Tokyo Games.

Spain was the first of the seven participants to jump into the pool. With an original choreography they captured their particular theory of the evolution of Darwin turned into eight aquatic animals in the Barcelona pool.

As soon as the joy on their faces ended, the score gave way to 92.30 points, which, added to the 90.55 in yesterday’s technical routine, gave them 182.85 points. This gave them, while waiting to see the rest of rivals, virtually the classification.

Italy, which started as a favorite after being fifth five years ago at the Rio Games, had the best performance of the afternoon with 93.23 points for an aggregate of 184.02.

After the Greece note appeared with a total of 175.99 points, it was clear that the excitement was only to know which team would accompany Spain and Italy in Tokyo.

France and the United States were the other two countries vying for this position. South Korea and Hungary were far behind, with a lower level than the rest of the teams.

Greece, with the former Spanish coach Anna Tarres, achieved the award with only two tenths of difference over the United States. The Americans, with Andrea Fuentes as coach, they subtracted four of the six tenths that Greece had on them after the technical routine, but they could not complete the comeback. France was relegated to fifth place.

The classification of Spain means returning to the Games nine years later after being out in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Spain will participate in both duo and team. Y Ona Carbonell It will do so in its third Games after achieving two medals in London 2012.

A great success for the team trained by Mayu fujiki and the eight protagonists – Ona Carbonell, Berta Ferreras, Meritxell Pujadas, Alisa ozhogina, Paula Ramirez, Sara Saldana, Iris Tió Y Blanca Toledano– who have achieved the Olympic passport.

Final team classification:

1. Italy 184.02 pts.

2. Spain 182.85

3. Greece 175.99

4. United States 175.78

5. France 174.88

6. South Korea 159.51

7. Hungary 151.61

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