Spain will receive 13 million doses of Pfizer in June, about double the expected in May

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, last Wednesday (Photo: Europa Press News via Europa Press via Getty Images)

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that Spain will receive a total of 13 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine against COVID-19 during the month of June, thus going from a weekly delivery of 1.7 million doses to 2.7 million.

“During the month of June, our country is going to take a new qualitative leap, of a giant, in the arrival of vaccines. With these 13 million vaccines we are going in a straight line towards group immunity, that is, 33 million compatriots are vaccinated in mid-August ”, he highlighted this Thursday during an act on the occasion of the reform of article 49 of the Constitution to provide greater protection to the rights of people with disabilities.

Sánchez was pleased that the Government is “strictly complying with the objectives” of the vaccination strategy. “I announced that the week of May 3 we would have 5 million compatriots vaccinated with the full schedule and that has been the case. And in the first week of June it will be 10 million. We are going to do it the way we Spaniards do things, with humility and also with determination and professionalism ”, he has advanced.

In view of the expected increase in the arrival of vaccines and, therefore, the rate of administration of doses, the Chief Executive has insisted on fulfilling the promise of reaching group immunity by the end of August. “There are 97 days left for us to definitively achieve group immunity and to overcome the pandemic as we have suffered during these more than 12 months of COVID-19,” he added.


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