Spain will lower the GDP forecast for 2021 due to the delay in the recovery from the pandemic

Gisela tells the reasons why she participates in a trial of the coronavirus vaccine

A few days ago Gisela told that she was participating in the trial with one of the coronavirus vaccines, a decision with which she tries to do her bit to fight the pandemic that has convulsed the whole world. The interpreter has commented that it was during a routine visit to her health center that she was asked to participate and that, although she had doubts at first, she and her boyfriend José Ángel Ortega made up their minds. “At first I was a little scared, but they reassured me and told me that I was quite confident. After thinking about it, I decided to participate because it is important that we all contribute our grain of sand,” he says, speaking to Europa Press. Explain that in the process neither the doctor nor the patient know if the dose they have received is vaccine or placebo. “We have received one and we have had no side effects. 80% of the people in the study have had no side effects, 20% have, but mild ”. Gisela: ‘Before the pandemic we were thinking about a wedding, but we are not in a hurry’ ‘Network of favors’, the original solidarity initiative that Gisela has launched SEE GALLERY The situation that has been experienced in recent months has served her to be more aware that you have to take care of others. “It has rooted me more deeply in mine, more aware that we have to be more generous. It is a virus that kills the people you love the most, ”he explained. Just a few weeks ago, he was mourning the death of one of his best friends, Álex Casademunt, not because of the virus but in a tragic traffic accident. “It seems incredible to me that it is not there, deep down a part of me thinks that it is not real. We have lived together a lot, but in recent years each one had his life, although he was always present. It will take me a long time to assimilate that it is gone ”. SEE GALLERY The memory of Álex He does not know if a tribute will be made in his memory, although he categorically affirms that if it is raised, it will not be missing. All of Álex’s colleagues from the first edition of OT were present at his farewell, where scenes of great pain could be seen, especially on the face of David Bustamante, who forged a very good friendship with Álex in the contest. Like a pineapple, they joined the family of the artist who left a recorded song that for the moment will not see the light. The singer’s mother commented that they prefer to wait to recover emotionally before publishing the interpreter’s duet with his brother Joan. His ex-colleagues, excited, remember Álex Casademunt and tell how they experienced his farewell As he already told HOLA! Last December, Gisela does not have wedding plans for the moment, as current circumstances do not advise it. “We would be very excited to celebrate a wedding and invite all our friends, but we are going to leave it for when we can do it as we want, calm down, without having to think about masks, security … so we don’t have hurry, “he commented. He applauded the decision made by his friend Chenoa, who has delayed their marriage until it can be celebrated normally.