Spain will face as head of series the draw for the final phase of the European

05/03/2021 at 7:30 PM CEST


The Spanish handball team, winner of the last two Europeans, will face as head of series the draw for the final phase of the European Championship of Hungary and Slovakia 2022 that will be held this Thursday (17:00) in Budapest.

A condition that will allow “Hispanics & rdquor; Avoid rivals such as Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Germany and Portugal in the first phase of the tournament, which will feature 24 participants.

Nevertheless, Spain could find itself in the first round with powers like Denmark, current world champion, or Sweden, silver in the last World Cup in Egypt, which together with Hungary will lead Pot 2 in which they also appear Russia, Serbia, directed by the Spanish Toni Gerona, and Austria.

The rival to avoid in pot 3 will be the French team, which has been relegated to the third cup, after the decision of the European Federation to take as the criterion for the formation of the pots the final classification of the European past, in the that France could not get past the first round, as well as the qualifying phase for the 2022 Championship, in which the Gauls were second in group 1 behind Serbia.

The French team, fourth in the last World Cup in Egypt, after losing to Spain 35-29 in the consolation final, leads the third pot of the draw, which also includes Slovakia, Belarus, Iceland, the Czech Republic and North Macedonia.

Poland, Montenegro and the Netherlands are emerging as the three most dangerous rivals in Pot 4, complete with teams from Ukraine, Bosnia Herzegovina and Lithuania.

The Spanish team will face the draw knowing that will play the first phase in Budapest or in the Slovak cities of Bratislava or Kosice. Only possible options following the decision of the organizers to place Croatia in group A, based in Szeged (Hungary), Slovenia in group C, based in Debrecen (Hungary) and Germany, in group D, one of the two of the first phase that will be played in the Slovak capital. In the event that Spain plays in Budapest, home of group B, the “Hispanos & rdquor; would be automatically paired with Hungary

On the contrary, if those of Jordi Ribera are located in Bratislava they will face the Czech Republic, which the organizers have placed directly in group E. While if Spain has to play the first phase in Kosice, home of group F, they will have to face another of the hosts of the tournament, Slovakia. The top two finishers from groups A, B and C will play the second phase of the tournament in Budapest, while the top two from groups D, E and F will play in Bratislava.

The final phase of the European, which will be played from January 13 to 30, 2022, will take place in the Hungarian capital.

This is how the drums are:

Pot 1: Spain, Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Germany and Portugal.

Pot 2: Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Denmark, Serbia and Austria.

Pot 3: Slovakia, Belarus, Iceland, Czech Republic, France and North Macedonia.

Pot 4: Netherlands, Montenegro, Ukraine, Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina and Lithuania.

– Venues for the first phase: Szeged, Budapest -2 groups- and Debrecen (Hungary); Bratislava -2 groups- and Kosice (Slovakia)

– Second phase venues: Budapest (Hungary) and Bratislava (Slovakia)

– Final phase: Budapest (Hungary).