Spain, the European country with the largest population that declares itself not heterosexual

A group of girls, with the LGTB flag during Pride 2020 in Pamplona (Navarra). (Photo: Eduardo Sanz / Europa Press via .)

78% of Spaniards declare themselves heterosexual and 12% identify with another sexual orientation, which places Spain as the third country in the world and the first in Europe with the largest non-heterosexual population, while 10% prefer not to express their sexual identity.

Specifically, 6% of Spaniards say they are bisexual, 5% gay and the other 1% pansexual (attraction regardless of the sex of the other person) or omnisexual (attraction to all genders), which amounts to 12% of non-heterosexual compared to 11% in Germany and the United Kingdom and 10% in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Globally, 80% of the population identifies as heterosexual.

These are data from an Ipsos survey on the visibility and public perception of the LGTBI + collective carried out on a total of 19,069 people from 27 countries, which is published every year on the occasion of International Pride Day, which is celebrated on June 28.

On the other hand, 10% of those surveyed in Spain prefer not to express their sexual identity, one of the highest percentages in Europe, only surpassed by Germany (12%) and Poland (11%). In the rest of the world, this figure ranges from 39% in Malaysia, 33% in Turkey, 24% in India, 19% in Russia and 15% in Mexico.

In Spain, 6 out of 10 respondents declare they have a relationship with someone from the LGTBI group, which places it as the first European country in this regard, at the same level as Belgium and the United Kingdom.

One in five Spaniards has ever gone to Pride

Spaniards lead the European ranking in commitment and support for these people in actions such as attending the LGTBI Pride demonstrations (22% say they have ever gone, compared to 13% in the world average).

In addition, Spain is in third place …

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