09/09/2020 Photo montage of the interventions of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, during the control session of the Government in Congress

The leader of the PP asks the head of the Executive if he will dismiss Pablo Iglesias « if he is imputed or will he join his destiny to him »


The head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, has attacked this Wednesday the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, with the cases of corruption that affect his party and has accused him of « covering one crime with another » in the ‘Kitchen’ and ‘ Gürtel ‘. The president of the ‘popular’ has responded by denouncing that the Government is trying to agree on the General State Budgets (PGE) with « separatists and batasunos » and using the State Attorney General’s Office as its « political commissioner. »

In the control session of the Government in Congress, Sánchez and Casado have once again starred in a tough confrontation, in which the Chief Executive has asked the leader of the opposition to « show » that his party is not « Mariano’s PP Rajoy and José María Aznar « and complies with the law and the Constitution, not only ending the alleged corruption of his party, but also accepting to negotiate the renewal of the State institutions.

« Can you sleep peacefully at night? », Casado Sánchez has snapped at him, after accusing him of lying with the numbers of infected and deceased from the pandemic and of harming not only the Welfare State with his « cuts » but also the Rule of Law, using the State Prosecutor’s Office as its « political commissioner » to « cover up » its « negligent management » and the alleged irregularities that affect its partners at United We Can.

PP sources have criticized after the president of the Government does not answer the control questions and dedicates his interventions in the Plenary to « oppose the opposition. » « It is only dedicated to attacking the Popular Party, » they have denounced.


In fact, during the parliamentary duel, Casado has already accused the Executive of reducing the quality of democracy because, as he has said, « only in dictatorships is Parliament used against the opposition. In addition, he has affirmed that Sánchez » cuts dignity of the institutions « by making a pact with Bildu, lamenting the suicide of ETA and bringing 58 terrorists closer. » Why don’t you apologize to the victims? « he asked.

Casado has brought up the data from the Savings Banks Foundation (FUNCAS) pointing out that the crisis in Spain « will last four years » or the fact that the OECD and Eurostat place them at the bottom of the world for the « terrible « Government management during the crisis. « Only Peru is worse, » he exclaimed.

In addition, he has assured that, instead of accepting the economic plan of the PP, the Government announces « social cuts that remind those who supported Zapatero in 2010, against pensioners and officials », and that instead of lowering taxes and favoring the hiring, announce tax increases and the repeal of the labor reform. « The price of his blue seat we are going to pay dearly, because instead of taking advantage of the bonanza that we left him, the box melted to go doped in his electoral campaigns, » he snapped.


Likewise, Casado has indicated that Sánchez « not only cuts the welfare state, but also the rule of law » by « using » the attorney general as a « political commissioner » to « avoid the irregular investigation » of Podemos and Vice President Pablo Iglesias , as well as his « negligent » management in 8M and the rest of the coronavirus pandemic.

« How do you intend to judge what happened here 80 years ago and do you intend to cover up what happened 80 days ago? » He questioned him, adding that the PP has registered the creation of an investigative commission in Congress to « know the truth. « on what happened with Covid-19 and » elucidating political responsibilities in the disastrous management « of the Government that » has already caused 53,000 deaths. « 

That said, he has stressed to Sánchez that he has three ministers from the ERE government, the « worst corruption scandal in Europe », and a second vice president whose party « is being investigated for irregular financing. » Tell us, will you stop him if it is Mr. Iglesias imputed or will he join his destiny? Answer for once, telling the truth to all of Spain « , he has summoned you.


In his turn, the Prime Minister has stated that « the only cuts that politics in Spain need is to cut back on PP corruption. » « All of Spain knows that you covered a crime with another crime, the Kitchen with the Gürtel. That is what you did. They know it in Barcelona, ​​Santander and even in Ávila they know it, » he asserted.

Given the affirmations of Casado guaranteed that « not one » will happen with corruption « whoever falls, whoever falls », Sánchez has assured that he would like to believe him and that he will « end 30 years of the PP in breach of laws and the Constitution in Spain « . Of course, he has said that for that he has to « prove » that he is not the PP of Rajoy or Aznar and « comply with the law and the Constitution », accepting to renew the organs instead of « blocking » them.

In this sense, he has said that his Government is convinced that it has to comply with the Constitution, from the first to the last of its articles. « I would like the PP to also comply with it by renewing and leaving behind the blockade of the constitutional bodies, » he has sued Casado.

In social matters, Sánchez has taken breast of the measures of his Government by raising the Minimum Wage, revaluing pensions, recovering purchasing power of officials or approved ERTES and the Minimum Vital Income in the pandemic, as reported.