Spain overwhelms Romania and qualifies for the Eurobasket

Spain will dispute the next Eurobasket which will be held in Germany, the Czech Republic, Georgia and Italy in 2022. After succumbing to Israel last Saturday in a match that was cruelly traced, those of Scariolo they were bound to win Romania to avoid getting into trouble and beat the Romanian team in the duel in the Valencia bubble.

And it is that this Monday was to win or win for Spain. The defeat to Israel left Spain in third place in Group A with a record of one win and two losses and thus was forced to beat weak Romania in a match that was a final. And they ended up winning and also clearly to settle in third place in the group (equal to victories with Poland) and qualify for the Eurobasket with two days left to play against Poland and Israel.

Spain party

Spain should not fail and did not fail. The team of Scariolo made an outstanding impression in the first two quarters of the match against Israel. And he showed it in the first quarter where he went with +15 on the scoreboard thanks to the excellent performance of Quino Colom and a Brizuela who scored no more and no less than 10 points in the first ten minutes. Spain was flying and the game was on track. It couldn’t happen again about Israel. And the good feelings were confirmed before the break, where Spain arrived with a difference of 24 points (45-21). The game was sentenced and players like Tyson Perez, Guerrero, Francis Alonso, Barreiro or Arteaga were shining on the parquet of the Fonteta de Valencia.

After passing through the locker room, as happened against Israel, Spain started cold and ended the third quarter with a 13-12 that, although victory was practically in the pocket, heralded the ghosts of last Saturday. Scariolo’s talk before the last ten minutes was key to putting a huge 36-8 on the scoreboard to end the game with a clear 94-41 on the scoreboard and get a ticket for the next Eurobasket to be played in 2022. Jonathan Barreiro With a PIR of 17 thanks to scoring 11 points and grabbing 11 rebounds, he was the great star of Spain in Valencia. Dario Bruzuela he was the top scorer of the national team with 17 points and also shone Tyson Perez with 12 points.

After the mental setback caused by the defeat against Israel, Spain recovered with veterancy despite its youth and several debutants showed that a prepared generation is coming ready to honor the future of the world champion. Now, they will have the opportunity to continue to earn their place in the last two games they will play against Poland or Israel. With the pass to the next Eurobasket secured, now everything can be seen from a different perspective.

SPAIN: Díaz (3), Brizuela (17), Beirán (6), Pérez (12) and Guerrero (2) –the starting five–; Colom (11), Barreiro (11), López-Aróstegui (9), Alonso (10), Rabaseda (3), Llovet (2) and Arteaga (8).

ROMANIA: Watson (3), Virna (2), Maciuca (-), Cate (1) and Popa (5) – starting quintet – Tohatan (13), Fometescu (-), Dragoste (5), Girbea (-), Grasu ( 4), Baciu (-) and Uta (8).

-PARTIAL: 27-12, 18-9, 13-12 and 36-8.

– R.REES: Vojinovic, Sljivic and Zupancic. Without eliminated.

– PAVILION: La Fonteta.