Spain lets itself go back against Israel and gets into a mess

Spain he gets into trouble. The current world champion added her second defeat in the qualifying window for Eurobasket 2022 after losing to Israel at La Fontenta. Scariolo’s team went to rest 16 up on the scoreboard and let themselves go back in a tedious third quarter. After the comeback, Spain fell apart and ended up painfully succumbing. He will have to win yes or yes next Monday to Romania.

After his victory in Romania and Zaragoza’s stumble against Poland, Spain they needed the victory against Israel to avoid a mess in the qualifying group for the Eurobasket 2022. And it is that Spain started the duel as third classified and with the scare in the body. The game almost got in the way of the strict schedule imposed on basketball this season, but it was more important than it seemed. Because in order to later collect metal fruits, it is necessary to sow first in almost unknown matches.

Thus, Sergio Scariolo he put a man on the floor Tyson Perez which has become one of the sensations of the Endesa League. The pivot of MoraBanc Andorra it has an excellent future but also a great present. And he’s showing it in these early stages of the season. It smells like a big one and it also looks like it will become a fixture in the next calls for the current world champion.

His letter of introduction was an alley-oop after a good ball served by Alberto Diaz. Not bad. The spotlight was not on him after his lack of minutes with Valencia, but Quino Colom showed that his love affair with the qualifying windows is not a matter of chance. The point guard scored no more and no less than 14 points in just seven minutes spurring a team that went 15 points higher. And it even reached +18. Spain was giving a whole recital before a totally blurred Israel that was being overcome on all four sides.

And this betrayed the result at halftime (36-52). Spain He went to the locker room with an income of 16 points thanks to Colom’s spectacular performance, and the contribution of players like Tyson Perez, Rubén Guerrero, López-Aróstegui and the debutant Francis Alonso, who showed the skills of a veteran in his debut with the Spanish basketball team. Spain was winning playing optimally and the youngsters were not weighing the responsibility. Everything was working out in Valencia.

Spain lets go

But the passage through the changing rooms did not sit well with Spain and Israel took advantage of it by doing what they hadn’t done during the first half: getting hit from the 6.25 line. A 0-6 run forced Scariolo to stop the game and Blatt’s triple got the Israeli team into the game. Spain was in shock Ginat put the visiting team within two points with five minutes remaining in the third quarter. Israel was in the game and Scariolo’s team was still on the canvas after the recital of jabs from their rival.

Spain’s pájara was being tremendous and Israel took the lead thanks to a partial of 24-6. There he entered Colom to resurrect the team of Scariolo. The contribution of the point guard was key for Spain to go to the last quarter five points up thanks to the triples of the point guard, Francis Alonso and López-Aróstegui. Spain’s reaction had a name: Quino Colom. Full-fledged recital of the Valencia player. Mekel Y Blatt, the two bases of Israel, led the reaction of the visiting team that with three minutes left was one point up (84-83). A heart attack ending was in sight in La Fonteta and only Colom kept Spain.

There was 1:36 left for the conclusion and Cohen put Israel three up (86-83). Spain was condemned to comeback and the mood was not the best. He had had the game in hand. Cohen again widened the distance with another basket of two and the world champion was on the ropes. A Menco triple put Israel up six (91-85) with less than 37 seconds left. Spain needed a miracle that finally did not happen. Scariolo’s team, with two defeats in three games, gets into a mess in the qualifying group for Eurobasket 2022. They will have to win yes or yes to Romania on Monday.