One of the conclusions drawn from an Ipsos study on the pandemic is that Spain is the country in Europe that feels most threatened by the coronavirus. The Spanish people they feel threatened by Covid-19, above other countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom and France, also punished by the disease. The peak of this opinion occurred between March 19 and April 2, when the first state of alarm was declared.

Other data establish that in that period, more than 55% of Spaniards perceived Covid as a high or very high threat for them. Then from June 14, with the so-called new normality, almost 40% of Spaniards declared to be afraid.

Anxiety about the new normal

There is more data: half of citizens (51%) admit feeling anxious when thinking about resuming their routines, although we are below the global average. In this case, Spain is the second European country with the highest index, second only to the United Kingdom (62%).

But the anxiety of the Spanish is increasing since May 10, since that date it has increased by 5 points. Some citizens believe that opening businesses now puts too many people in danger and we should wait at least a few more weeks, there are others who believe that we need to make the economy move again, and that the risk to health is minimal if the rules of social distancing are followed.

By economic issue

From May 24 to June 7 there was an upward trend, going from 49% to 58% of the population in favor of the economic reopening, currently that trend is beginning to experience a slight decline.

Countries like Italy, France or Germany also reflect a change of mind in this regard. Almost six out of ten Spaniards agree that the economy must be reactivated and allow business to open.

Risks at celebrations

According to the Ipsos study, among the activities where Spaniards see the highest risk of contagion, they are in first place local and national celebrations, with more than eight out of ten Spaniards who consider it so. Followed by taking a vacation (75%), eating at a restaurant (59%), attending parties with friends and family (58%), and going to beauty salons, hairdressers or spas (51%).

More than half of Spaniards believe that recovering the life prior to Covid will not take place within a year or two, or even more, making Spain the most pessimistic European country in this regard, and the third in the world.