Spain has only collected 1 in 5 fines for skipping the state of alarm

A roadblock in Zarza la Mayor, Cáceres (Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images)

After the shameful images of the celebrations with massive crowds for the end of the state of alarm, there is a question that haunts the minds of many. Do not the fines dissuade to make a bottle or to celebrate without a mask? The reality, according to Cadena Ser in an exhaustive information, is that in Spain 1,142,127 sanction files have been opened for skipping any restriction measure against the coronavirus. But of these only 17.9% have been collected.

In other words, the Administration has only received the income of one out of every five penalties for violating the rules of the state of alarm. This situation has triggered the government delegations to be strengthened to be able to process an exacerbated number of fines. As the Being has been able to know, so far the total of professionals who are taking care of this function is 235 people.

The ranking of fines

On the other hand, the Being has also advanced which are the communities in which the forces of order have imposed more sanctions. Given what might seem a priori, neither Madrid nor Catalonia lead this list. Andalusia is the one that does it with 195,986 files, followed by the Madrid Community with 184,517. The third place is occupied by Valencia with 167,936.

In the Canary Islands there has also been an incidence, being the fourth that has registered the most fines with a total of 63,291 files. The ‘top 5’ is closed by Castilla y León with 56,299. However, all these figures are included within the first state of alarm and not the second and their respective extensions, since the Government transferred the management of sanctions to the Autonomous Communities in this new period.


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