Spain “has it all” for the manufacture of batteries and hydrogen cell



Updated on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 – 18:48

The Spanish ecosystem is at the forefront of new mobility technologies, according to the ‘webinar’ organized by Sernauto with Move to Future.

Participants in the event on batteries organized by Faconauto.Gigafactoras Why does Spain want to manufacture batteries?

Experts from various entities presented some of the PERTE projects (Strategic Project for Recovery and Economic Transformation) on Electric and Connected Vehicles on which the automotive supplier sector is working. The appointment, a virtual seminar (Spain as a manufacturer of batteries and fuel cells) organized by the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (Sernauto) with the collaboration of Move To Future (M2F).

In conclusion, the head of R + D + i at Sernauto and M2F coordinator, Cecilia Medina summarized that Spain has reference entities working on the different storage systems for all types of electric vehicles, although we have more entities in the different areas. of work in the value chain “.

“The European funds are a unique opportunity to position Spain on these issues and on others that we are working on, such as sustainable, connected and automated mobility and the provision of intelligence to our plants. and not at risk for the future of our industry, “added Medina.

Previously, Cecilia Medina had pointed out that “if we really bet on a country-strategy of public-private collaborationWe will be able to attract new investments and international projects, “he concluded. He said that this” umbrella project includes more than 60 entities of all kinds, belonging to 11 autonomous communities.

Jos Esmors, President of the Sernauto R + D + i Commission, explained that they have been working since last year in the coordination of “Collaborative Tractor Projects of Common Interest (PTCICs) with the aim that they are truly transformative and bring together the entire automotive value chain. ”

Esmors specified that the study of the storage systems they have carried out concludes that, “Spain today has a fairly complete ecosystem in both batteries and hydrogen, an ecosystem of leading innovation in the development of products and technologies for electric vehicles” .

The Storage Systems for all types of electric vehicles it is one of the three Expressions of Interest (MDI) presented by Sernauto to the Ministry of Industry.

It is crucial to promote a country strategy, through Collaborative Tractor Projects of Common Interest, in which the largest number of agents of the Sector’s innovation ecosystem are involved and that fit into the great strategic commitment of the PERTE of Electric and Connected Vehicle, conceived by the Ministry of Industry as a sectoral program that includes the entire chain of courage, “added Cecilia Medina.

European funds “represent a historic opportunity for companies to successfully cope with the recovery and its transformation towards an increasingly sustainable mobility. Supporting the R + D + i of companies in the sector means betting on competitiveness of our industry and for its future “, finished Medina.

Winning environment

Mikel Lasa, CEO of EIT InnoEnegy Iberia, highlighted that the deployment of the electric battery is related to reducing costs. In his view, by 2025 electric vehicles will be fully competitive thanks to economy of scale, improved technology, infrastructure and regulation.

Spain has many elements to be a winning environment: raw materials, renewable energy, established industrial sector and a manufacturing industry of components and systems, as well as leading research organizations “, argued Lasa.

During the day some examples of the Spanish ecosystem for the manufacture of batteries could be seen. Jon ezkerra, coordinator of R&D projects at CIE Automotive, explained how the battery system works (Battery housing); Carlos Abomailek, Advanced Engineering master from FICOSA, delved into the Battery Management System while Ion Larraaga, Director of Knowledge Management and New Technologies at Fagor Ederlan, referred to the different systems that make up the Battery pack, with special attention to batteries for electric buses and industrial vehicles.

Esther alonso, project manager for hybrid vehicle batteries xHEV of the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, stressed the importance of Spain acquiring the know-how to position ourselves as a benchmark in Europe. The development of hydrogen was another matter of interest. Alberto Garcia, from Tecnalia’s Energy Division, commented on the different materials for the fuel cell that they are developing; Y Francisco Ramos, researcher manager of FAE, explained how they have used their experience in solid oxide fuel cells to develop a demonstrator in collaboration with companies such as Ames.

On the part of Ajusa, Jos Manuel Gregorio, Director of Hydrogen Technologies, intervened, who commented on the proton exchange membrane fuel cell module (PEM) for autonomy extender application.

The representative of the bus manufacturer Irizar, Azibar Zelaia reported how they are applying hydrogen in these heavy vehicles.

In the round table on Storage systems: Challenges in the value chain and collaboration needs, the speakers highlighted that “Spain is going to be one of the first countries where they will deploy the European Battery Academy, to train professionals in the sector in the manufacture of batteries “(Mikel Lasa), who We lack “two types of professionals: specialized in power electronics and thermal design“(Carlos Abomailek) and that” the fundamental thing is to have a fixed good business strategy and have the right partners “(Jos Manuel Gregorio (Ajusa).

According to Esther Alonso (Renault), manufacturers “it would help a lot to also have local suppliers of battery chemistry, because it will allow Spain to better position itself against the rest of its competitors “.

According to the criteria of

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