Spain crushes Germany

As Pedro Sánchez’s propaganda apparatus would say, we come out stronger. Very strong. The set that Spain endorsed Germany In the last game of the UEFA Nations League, he not only got us into the final four, but also unleashed euphoria around a team with very good players, but a little lack of character. Tremendous party of Ferran Torres, who scored three goals. Morata and Rodrigo sealed the win. The injuries of Canales and Sergio Ramos, the cross for the selection of Luis Enrique, who touched perfection.

TO Luis Enrique the spirit of Zidane in the lineup. Half a team was loaded compared to those who played in Switzerland. Beyond the injured Busquets, they also fell from the eleven Reguilón, Fabián, Mikel Merino and Oyarzabal. But let’s go in parts. After half a life debating between De Gea and Kepa, now it turns out that Spain’s goalkeeper is Unai Simón. The boy has potential, there is no doubt about that, but perhaps he is still too green to be a national hostel.

In defense they repeated Sergi Roberto, Pau Torres and Sergio Ramos (who has not renewed, hey) and Gayá entered from the left. In the middle, the absence of the injured Busquets was covered by Rodrigo, flanked by Koke, who comes out very reinforced from this break, and by Canales, one of those footballers who enters Luis Enrique’s eye. Dani Olmo and Ferran Torres stayed in the eleven, two other beautiful children of the coach, and Morata entered the front.

To the other side an interwar Germany, with lifelong players like Neuer or Kroos, but with many of the new generation: Gortezka, Sané, Gnabry or Werner. But, come on, that Germany is Germany, a historical, organized, serious, reliable and efficient team, which for something they carry in their genes.

Manda Spain

Soon Spain deserved its first goal. His best finisher, Sergio Ramos, had it, what else. A foul was requested on the front and he threw it away with great skill and no less bad milk. The ball bounced in front of the superb Neuer, who guessed Ramos’ bad intentions and cleared down with both hands. Good news for Luis Enrique, followed by bad news with the muscle injury that Canales later suffered. Fabian entered instead of the Betic player, whom injuries have marked both in his career and in his life.

Spain was cool. High pressure, fluid the gameor, open the ends. Those of Luis Enrique played well (frankly well), who won the prize for their dominance in a set piece. In a corner, just like Puyol scored them in the semifinal of the World Cup in South Africa. It was minute 17. Fabián bounced it and Morata headed it with precision and success at the far post. Neuer took refuge under the sticks and decided not to attack the ball. Error.

The goal unleashed (even more) a Spain in which Ferran Torres began to dazzle. He had his first time in 19, he assisted Morata in the 24th to make the second, which was badly annulled by the referee for a false offside. Again after half an hour, the City winger was the protagonist, who stood hand in hand against Neuer, but the foot of the German goalkeeper prevented the 2-0.

That it would hardly take a couple of minutes to reach the German area in full harassment from Spain. Dani Olmo’s header crashed into the crossbar and the rebound It fell to Ferran who, this time, did fly to the net and not even Neuer could help it. La Roja’s wiggle to Germany was being period.

Gale of La Roja

Six minutes later the third fell for Spain, which came again from a corner. Luis Enrique’s laboratory worked again. Fabián put it on and this time it was Rodri who headed with little opposition and made Neuer’s stretch sterile. Luis Enrique smiled, celebrating each goal as if he had scored it at the Bernabéu and as a Chilean. The coach’s gesture was suddenly twisted when in 41 Sergio Ramos fell to the ground with the same feeling as Canales: muscle injury in the back of the thigh. The captain was replaced by Eric García. With the bad news of the captain’s discharge, we came to rest.

Continued the party of Spain in the second half and in a short time the fourth fell. Ferran Torres scored it again, through his former teammate Gayá, in his best international match. Luis Enrique’s selection ensured his pass to the final four of the thing that UEFA has invented and is called Nations League.

Spain was a steamroller and Germany a selection of butter. Anytime could fall the fifth, sixth and seventh just as Sabina was given ten and eleven, twelve and one… Luis Enrique rotated the three from above (Olmo, Morata and Ferran), who had completed 70 excellent minutes. Oyarzabal, Gerard Moreno and an Asensio who needs to wake up to regain his place in this selection entered.

By the way a minute before Ferran had time to score his hat-trick by fastening with a shot brimming with precision and quality a good move from Spain. The party was sentenced, sentencedísimo. Only the garbage minutes remained for Luis Enrique’s selection to finish sealing a beautiful and historic win against a Germany that is in full reconstruction. He did it in the best possible way: with a sixth goal, the work of Oyarzabal, which rounded off one of those games that will be remembered for a long time.