Spain breaks its daily vaccination record with 453,682 doses and exceeds three million immunized

Vaccines (Photo: NurPhoto via NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Health has reported that Spain has beaten its daily vaccination record with a total of 453,8682 inoculations and exceeds 3 million immunized people, representing more than 6.4% of the population. In addition, it reaches the figure of 6,791,079 citizens who have received some dose (14.3%).

The daily report of the Ministry puts the total doses that Spain has received so far at 12,001,515. The most popular drug is that of Pfizer, with 7,717,715 vials delivered. Of those more than 12 million total in the country among the three different sera, the communities have already inoculated 9,811,529, which represents 81.8% of those received.

With these data, the vaccination campaign for Thursday has far exceeded that of the previous day, when 336,846 doses were inoculated.

The decision to stop vaccination with the AstraZeneca antiviral in the population under 60 years of age has not yet affected the daily campaign and, as reported, 70,000 doses are administered per day with that vaccine, which will force communities to readjust your vaccination plan.


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