If you are one of the people who usually follows the latest news from SpaceX, surely you are aware of Starlink, the “satellite constellation” with which they intend become an internet provider. It turns out that the project’s website was updated today with a form that could go unnoticed by most, but that by providing your data informs you of a rather interesting initiative: the possibility of be part of the testing phase of your service.

From the Starlink website you can subscribe to their newsletter and aspire to be selected to test their service

Yes, SpaceX could select you to become one of the first people to test Starlink’s internet. Although the website only mentions that you will receive news and updates on the availability of the service in your region, by sending your data you will receive an email with some details of the aforementioned test. For example, they mention that the private beta will start later this summer, while the public phase will come a little later.

“If you provided us with your zip code, we will notify you by email if there is beta testing opportunities available in your area. In the meantime, we will continue to share updates on service availability and upcoming Starlink releases with you, “SpaceX mentions in the email. Please note, however, that subscribing does not ensure that you will have a chance to test the service, but you don’t lose nothing to try.

SpaceX’s goals with Starlink

One of SpaceX’s main goals with Starlink is take the internet to areas where it is difficult to deploy a network infrastructure. However, this does not mean that the service does not have a presence in other places. We do not know if SpaceX testing will start in emerging countries or already established regions in terms of network services. Surely in the coming weeks they will release more information.

At the time of writing this post, Starlink already has about 540 satellites in orbit. “With performance that far exceeds that of traditional satellite internet, and a limitless global network of terrestrial infrastructure, Starlink will offer high-speed broadband internet to locations where access is either not possible or is very expensive.” His plan is to start the service in the United States and Canada with a speed of 1 GB / s. Nothing bad.