SpaceX wants to fly the Starship from Texas to Hawaii and plans a first orbital flight in July

Company President Gwynne Shotwell announced the intention for the spacecraft to make its first orbital flight this July.

“I hope we make it, but we all know this is difficult,” he said during a virtual conference at the National Space Society.

The Starship’s orbital flight plans were announced in May and contemplate taking off from Texas and landing in Hawaii.

SpaceX, from the tycoon Elon musk, she claims to be determined to launch her spaceship ‘Starship‘ in its first orbital flight as soon as this very July. This was assured this Friday by the president of the company, Gwynne Shotwell. during a virtual conference at the National Space Society

“I hope we achieve it, but we all know that this is difficult,” Shotwell clarified during his speech in which, according to the US network CNBC, he assured that the company is very close to being able to try a flight like that, in which its Starship ship manages to leave the atmosphere and return to earth.

Flight and landing tests

Space X has been flying multiple short flights for months to test the different prototypes of the Starship. Many have ended up in flames after crashing during landing, but SN15 managed to complete the flight and return to the ground safely last May.

The next step that has been marked in SpaceX is to reach Earth orbit and in mid-May the company announced that its flight plan for this feat consists of take off from its facilities in Texas and land off the coast of Hawaii.

The Starship spacecraft is about 50 meters high, the same as a 16-story building, and to put it into orbit it will have to be placed on a booster rocket called “Super Heavy”, which is another 70 meters higher. In total, both structures will have a wingspan of more than 120 meters, making them the largest spacecraft ever launched into space.

Cargo and manned ships to the Moon and Mars

Elon Musk’s goal is for his spaceship to be used to carry goods and people to Earth orbit, to the Moon, and as a culmination, to Mars. The idea is that all the elements of the rocket, and the Starship, are reusable, likening space travel to flights in commercial airliners.

I don’t think people have really understood what we are going to do with this system “, has related Shotwell during the virtual conference of International Space Development.

“This means that it is not a ship every two years, right?”, He has assured, in relation to traditional single-use rockets. “We have to be able to fly dozens of ships during the period of time in which people can be taken to Mars ”, sentenced Shotwel.

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