SpaceX sends 4 astronauts to the Space Station

CAPE CAÑAVERAL, Florida, USA (AP) – SpaceX launched four astronauts on Sunday to the International Space Station in the first personnel transport flight carried out by a private company for NASA.

The Falcon 9 rocket clattered into the dark sky from the Kennedy Space Center with three Americans and a Japanese, the second crew to be launched into space by SpaceX. The Dragon capsule on top of the rocket – which the crew named Resilience (Resilience) after the many challenges this year, especially COVID-19 – will arrive at the Space Station on Monday night and remain there until boreal spring.

The founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, was forced to monitor the event from afar because he appears to be infected with coronavirus. He tweeted that he “most likely” had a moderate case of COVID-19. NASA policy at the Kennedy Space Center requires that anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus self-quarantine.

Sunday’s launch took place just a few months after SpaceX’s test flight with two pilots. With it begins what NASA envisions will be a long series of crew rotation between the United States and the Space Station, after years of delays. With the presence of more people, more scientific research is being carried out in the orbital laboratory, according to officials.


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