SpaceX prepares the first orbital flight of Starship

Spacex, the space company of Elon musk, continues to take steps towards its goal of taking humans to the Moon, and also to Mars. A little over a week ago we celebrated that its prototype of starship SN15 it had managed to launch itself and land in the same spot without exploding. It was great news, as his predecessors had suffered worse luck, succumbing in the attempt. Some, like Starship SN11, they never came back. Others like SN10Yes they did, but they exploded as soon as they touched down. Once that obstacle was overcome, it was necessary to continue moving forward, so now they have designed the path of their first orbital flight test with Starship.

This trip will last approximately 90 minutes, it will start in Boca Chica, Texas, and will end in the ocean, near Hawaii. If all goes well, the company will be much closer to its lunar and Martian goal. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is also planning his first suborbital sightseeing trip of Blue origin, already dated for July 20. But going back to SpaceX, what else do we know so far about this important test?

SpaceX’s new plans for Starship

The route has been presented through a document from the Federal Communications Commission.

In it, it is described that a propellant will be used Super heavy, with which the SpaceX spacecraft will begin its journey at the launch facilities located in Boca Chica, Texas. Afterwards, Starship will travel on the Gulf of mexico and the strait of florida. Immediately afterwards it will enter orbit and shortly thereafter it will return to Earth to land in the ocean. If all goes well, it will be at 62 miles off the coast of Kauai, in the Hawaiian archipelago.

As they explain from Engadget, if in this test they relish the success they already experienced a few days ago with SN15, they will be much closer to their goal of making manned trips to the Moon. And also beyond. Let’s not forget that they also plan to travel to Mars in the future. In addition, it will reinforce NASA’s faith in them as partners for their future Artemis missions. A new ride on our satellite is much closer. But first it is necessary to take small big steps like the one SpaceX is about to take.

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