SpaceX, despite accident, gets almost a billion dollars in financing

Elon Musk’s SpaceX lands a $ 850 million investment round. This ensures that you achieve some ambitious goals.

The drama with Spacex it never seems to end up having unexpected and exciting twists. This not only ensures that when someone decides to make a series for Netflix that tells this story, they will have a lot of interesting material.

But it also holds the attention and excitement of all lovers of space exploration. For example we have the most recent twists of his plot.

Where one of his rockets Falcon 9 He has just suffered an accident while trying to land, failing to integrate with the complete system that would help him return safely home, eventually falling somewhere in the ocean.

More money

This combination of events could be a toxic bomb for SpaceX’s reputation. That not long ago he suffered another accident with an explosion.

But on the contrary, it happens that in reality shortly before this happened, a group of investors gave Elon Musk a millionaire to finance this company. And it was made public right after the incident.

As reported by the information agency ., SpaceX managed to secure a new round of funding totaling $ 850 million dollars last week.

Thanks to this, Elon Musk managed to position the company with an estimated valuation of USD $ 74,000 million. But it should be noted that this injection of capital was ultimately achieved by selling shares of SpaceX for a price of USD $ 419.99.

In other words, investors opened their wallets expecting to see a future increase in the value of their investments. Before the rocket crashed into the ocean.

Even so, the value of the company increased 60% in relation to its last round of financing carried out in August 2020.

So the outlook still looks positive and encouraging for those who gave up their money. Although all those new funds will go to the Starship and Starlink projects. That as we have already seen, they can sometimes go a little wrong.