SpaceX breaks an impressive record held by India by sending 143 satellites into space in a single flight

They took advantage and in the conglomerate were 10 Starlink satellites.

Last Sunday, January 24, a milestone in the history of space launches was marked. Spacex, company of which Elon musk is the CEO, managed to launch 143satellites in a single rocket. This figure exceeds a record held by India with a launch of 104, reported the Neowin portal.

The mission is called Transporter-1 and was on board a Falcon 9 from SpaceX. It was part of a first test of the program Small Rideshare. This is an initiative promoted by Musk’s company, which intends to work with different organizations. They will be able to launch their satellites by paying a million dollars. In other words, it is like a shared taxi towards the orbit of the planet.

The 143 satellites on the SpaceX rocket

The company that markets space travel detailed that there were a total of 143 satellites. They are divided between commercial and government agencies. In addition, 10 Starlink devices also traveled. In this way, SpaceX takes a step forward in generating its own satellite internet.

Among the types of devices that were on board the spacecraft, there were CubeSats microsatellites and orbital transfer vehicles. Likewise, the Starlink will be the first satellites to enter a polar orbit. In other words, each time the Earth turns, these devices will be at the poles.