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There is a moment in ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ in which Don Cheadle’s character assures that it is time to make “some improvements” to the Looney Tunes: The result, of course, is his transition from 2D animation to animation. 3D. Is it really an improvement? Like the movie itself compared to 25 years ago, no. Not necessarily. I like ‘House of Lies’ and ‘Black Monday’, but I still stick with Bill Murray before Don Cheadle.

The presence of the latter as a villain is not as effective as Murray’s was in ‘Space Jam’ as a friend, as it may well serve for everything else: In ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ there is nothing that is the same. of cash than in the one starring Michael Jordan, someone who certainly didn’t need an introduction like LeBron James. But except for the dubbing of Lola Bunny perpetrated by a certain Lola ndigo, there is nothing that does not stop being it, for the most part.

There are improvements. Or what someone like Don Cheadle’s character would consider to be enhancements, and actually are not. Or that they don’t have to be. It is true that its digital effects are generally brilliant, but it is a theoretical improvement for the gallery that like it happens in ‘SpongeBob: A Hero out of Water’, it does not have to mean or suppose much either. Essentially nothing changes for a sequel that could pass for a remake.

It could, as it could also pass for being it from ‘Ready Player One’, a claim from outside doors that, like its digital effects, remains anecdotal. Something that would threaten to turn the show into an infomercial if it weren’t because like almost everything in the movie, it’s wasted. Two long hours of the game, and even so everything tastes little. And even so, still knowing little and very little done, two long hours that are more or less distracted.

Or that the Looney Tunes become distracted with their occasional occurrences.

Things as they are: ‘Space Jam’ was never a great movie. But it has something. Or maybe not and it was just timely. ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ would come to be that same movie to which 25 years later they have put a new coat of paint. And that’s it. And it is no longer so timely. And he no longer has that “halo” of being in his place and on time and playing with the right cards. Now everything is supposed to be more but it knows less, that everything is more beautiful even if it seems more false.

‘Space Jam: New Legends’ is an attempt to emulate ‘Space Jam’ for the HBO Max subscriber. Not to please the fans of an athlete or that kid who grew up watching cartoons. I refuse to consider it a bad movie if that means classifying the one from 25 years ago as good, but it is clear that even being the same Looney Tunes it does not work in the same way. Because there are no improvements, but a coat of paint that does not hold even the slightest tap.

‘Space Jam’ worked for its simplicity. It is not and was not a good movie any more than ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ is, but it was to the point. Michael Jordan, the Looney Tunes and Bill Murray. And to the death with them. “The new” however seems watered down and made by compromise. By inertia. By content. For vice. Lazily. A supposed improvement equivalent to a frozen pasta dish heated in the microwave: More comfortable, but neither better nor healthier.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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