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It’s time to score points from the paint with Space Jam: A New Legacy, the promising sequel to Space Jam: Game of the Century – 36% which is apparently going to be quite a show for fans of Looney Tunes and basketball alike. with the images of his recent sneak peek. The Warner Bros. film that has the athlete LeBron James at the helm, and on the side of the actors with Don Cheadle, is one of the most anticipated releases of the pandemic summer and, if we judge by the expectation that has dragged on since its announcement , could be one of the successes of the study in this difficult time.

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With the star Lebron James Jumping on the rest of the Tune Squad, the official trailer for the film not only offers a look at the scenes that can be seen in theaters and through HBO Max, but also shows in action the new design of Nike shoes that are known by the name of LeBron 19. The sequel to Space jam is a source of opportunities for many involved: on the one hand the study, which could make a hefty amount of money from the sale of tickets and subscriptions to the streaming service, and on the other it is a great launch for the sports brand, which celebrates with the launch of commemorative footwear and apparel collections for the Nike and Converse brands.

Obviously, among the novelties of Space Jam: A New Legacy what many wanted was confirmed: Michael Jordan will appear in the film, but not as the protagonist because that honor goes to the current NBA star, Lebron James. But everyone wondered if Jordan will be on screen again and while the plot of A New Legacy is a bit different than the first movie, this time around, they have managed to somehow bring the two together as stated by the actor. Don cheadle in an interview with Access Hollywood and it is quite possible that it is in a way that nobody expects it.

In the new movie’s plot, LeBron is trapped inside a highly advanced computer world called the Serververse and has to recruit a team of basketball players to help him. Being a movie by Space jamObviously playing a game of this sport solves things once and for all. To save his son and escape the virtual reality of a rogue artificial intelligence (played by Cheadle), James must assemble animated characters, including an exiled Bugs and a Lola voiced by Zendaya, to defeat the formidable Goon Squad.

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Part of the appeal of the 1996 film lay in the use of real and highly regarded basketball players, of which only Jordan spent much of the time as himself, while the others were replaced for most of the footage by their wicked ways. animated characters that faced the protagonist. The continuation of this story will not be entirely different, thanks to the fact that several of the best players today have also been included.

Against LeBron we will see NBA players of the stature of Damian Lillard Y Anthony Davis, while on the WNBA side the players will appear Chiney Ogwumike Y Diana Taurasi. The media has always mentioned the possibility of seeing more of the professional basketball personalities in the film as a cameo, but apparently we have to wait until the premiere of the film to find out. Those we mentioned appear in the official previews that have been released so far.

Space Jam: A New Legacy will be released this July 16 in theaters and will do so simultaneously on HBO Max, the streaming platform created by WarnerMedia in its effort to reach this market with all its own content and the one it will create in the future specifically for this medium. Unlike other services, watching Warner premieres does not require an additional payment to see the new at the same time as in the United States, and best of all, it will be available in Latin America from June 29, leaving time so that users can subscribe and watch the movie

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