Space Jam 2 is criticized for including reference to A Clockwork Orange and not Pepe Le Pew

Space Jam: A New Legacy caused little controversy by removing Pepe Le Pew, the animated fox who became one of the most recently affected by cancellation culture due to his stalking behavior throughout its history as a cartoon animation. Warner. Now Pepe’s followers raise their voices on social networks after observing a reference to A Clockwork Orange in one of the film’s trailers, they do not tolerate the inclusion of some characters but not the infatuated animal. Read on for all the details.

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Pepe Le Pew’s losing streak began a few weeks ago, when a journalist from The New York Times published an article in which he argues that the animated character is actually a way to promote the culture of rape. The cancellation was immediate in networks and Warner Bros. announced the elimination of the character, arguing that there was no longer space for him in the film. Some saw the measure as necessary, others as an exaggeration given the woke trends that have been observed in Hollywood in recent years.

Now, the fans who are with Pepe Le Pew notice the appearance of the “drugos”, the famous street gang seen in A Clockwork Orange – 89% and led by Alex. In the film we witness how the group commits some atrocities such as hitting innocents and even committing rape, but we can also see a handful of men disguised as droogs. The detail was perceived by not a few users of social networks and the outrage has been present. How is it possible that Warner eliminates Le Pew but not a group of characters well known in fiction for their crimes?

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A Clockwork Orange is the story of Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a very aggressive young man who has two passions: unbridled violence and Beethoven, and who lives in Britain in an indeterminate future. He is the leader of the band of droogs, who unleash their wildest instincts by beating, raping and terrorizing the population. When that escalation of terror leads to murder, Alex is arrested and, in prison, will voluntarily undergo a groundbreaking reeducation experience that aims to drastically nullify any hint of antisocial behavior. The film was directed by Stanley Kubrick and is an absolute seventh art classic.

Warner Bros. has not commented on this new set of claims, and is unlikely to do so. Space Jam: A New Legacy It has already been through too much trouble recently and it is clear that they want to avoid it, arriving at the premiere in relative peace. Here are a series of tweets that criticize Space jam 2 to include the droogs of A Clockwork Orange.

I love how they got rid of Pepe Le Pew on ‘Space Jam 2’, but they actually had the courage to put the ‘A Clockwork Orange’ gang in the background. I love WB marketing.

They take out a hot, nerdy skunk to avoid offending Woke culture. But it’s perfectly fine to include cameos by the rapist droogs from A Clockwork Orange. The Hollywood logic for Space Jam 2.

Pepe Le Pew is too ‘rapist’ for Space Jam 2, but the droogs of A Clockwork Orange are fine. Don’t think I don’t see your anti-French fanaticism, WB.

Man, they really are putting all of our favorite Warner Bros. characters in Space Jam 2! The iron Giant! I love him! The Flintstones! Yabadabadoo! King Kong! So rude! The rapists / killers of A Clockwork Orange! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh

I love that Pepé le Pew can’t be in Space Jam 2, but Alex and his droogs from A Clockwork Orange are in it.

Does anyone know whose idea was to put the guys from A Clockwork Orange in the new Space Jam movie?

A Clockwork Orange at Space Jam only proves that WB actually has no morale, so the removal of Pepe Le Pew only happened because that jerk from the NYT put him in a trend to get patted on the back. If it became fashionable to add it back, I bet they would, they don’t care.

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