Soybean Opening of November 22


At the beginning of the day the Soy it is negotiated to 28,300 ARS, so that it implied a decrease of 0.32% compared to the figure of the previous day, when it marked 28,390 ARS.

Regarding the variations of this day with respect to previous days, with this value it cuts the positive streak that it marked in the four previous days. In the last week, volatility is visibly lower than that accumulated in the last year, therefore we can say that it is going through a period of greater stability in recent days.

In relation to the profitability of the last week, the Soy marks a rise in 3.66% and for a year it still has an increase in 98.6%.

To conclude, this value is close to the figures of November 18, when it beat the highest values ​​of the year with a figure of 28,390 ARS.

International values ​​of Soy

The current price of the Soy in Chicago it is $ 910.50 per ton, according to the latest data dated November 22.

Regarding the future values ​​of soybeans, in the current month its price is at $ 433.96 in Chicago and in $ 434.05 in the following month. In the same way, soybean futures in Argentina are at 356 pesos this month and in 356.8 looking forward to next month.

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