Southwest Airlines takes advantage of the famous Utah monolith with this action

Social networks have become a great means of communication, especially due to the identification that brands achieve through these means.

A key aspect in communication through social networks is the one that has to do with the way audiences interact with brands.

The value of airlines has been increasingly patented in the development of increasingly innovative guidelines.

Innovating is simple and straightforward to propose new solutions to traditional methods and social networks have lent themselves perfectly to achieve this, due to the dynamism they have, the virality as well as the trends that are promoted through this platform, with brands like Southwest Airlines.

The US airline demonstrated how to take advantage of social networks to achieve an excellent and creative communication action by ensuring that after the disappearance of the supposed monolith, it would have served as a seat indicator.

Faced with these kinds of challenges, more and more new elements are being patented that help us to better understand how to achieve creative communication strategies.

Communicate over networks

Communication through social networks has become an important challenge, especially since more and more valuable references have been established through these media.

This reminds us that social networks function as democratic means, that is, the same effect that a bad action has, when it becomes a brand crisis, is made by a correct decision when communicating, so this becomes everything an episode to remember in networks.

Trends, creative advertising

Dogface is part of the name of a TikTok user who became the greatest brand ambassador that Ocean Spray has had in years, after he starred in a video where he drank a brand juice while skating.

The video became a viral sensation and was immediately taken advantage of by the brand, which began to sponsor the influencer.

As is evident in this type of effort, an aspect that we must not lose sight of is social conversation and the ability of brands to communicate in this medium.

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