“South Park” Returns For One-Hour “The Vaccination Special”

South Park Vaccine special is announced | Comedy central

« South Park » will return for another unique special next month.

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The creators of the program, Trey parker and Matt Stone, announced yesterday February 19th what will they carry « The Vaccination Special » to fans next month. The last season of “South Park”, the 23rd, concluded in December 2019.

After the other hour-long episode, « The Pandemic Special », the « The Vaccination Special » will see the citizens of South Park trying to secure your COVID-19 vaccines, although a militant group apparently has other plans.

It occurs while fans await confirmation of the premiere date of the season 24 of « South Park », which has been delayed for the past year due to COVID-19 ongoing.

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South Park’s “The Vaccination Special”, According to the official announcement, the March 10 on Comedy Central.

« South Park » is currently renovated until season 26.