South Korea, Japan and the US agree to cooperation on nuclear program

South Korea, Japan Y state United stressed the importance of close triadic cooperation to address the problem posed by the North Korean nuclear program.

The South Korean nuclear negotiator, Noh Kyu-duk; the general manager for Asia Y Oceania from the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Takehiro Funakoshi; and the US Deputy Secretary of State for Eastern Asia and the Pacific, Sung Kim, held a meeting today by video call.

During the meeting, the three “shared their views on the recent situation in the peninsula of Korea and agreed to cooperate closely between the three countries to achieve complete denuclearization and a lasting peace in the peninsula, « according to a statement sent by the South Korean Foreign Ministry.

« The Biden Administration It is committed to strengthening US alliances, especially with our key allies in Northeast Asia, Japan and the Republic of Korea (official name of South Korea), ”explained Washington in a text published by the State Department.

« Against the background of the ongoing review of North Korea policy, » the three diplomats « shared perspectives and challenges related to North Korea, » added Washington’s statement on the first trialogue of the allies since the coming to power in January of the new American president, Joe biden.

The Denuclearization Dialogue with Pyongyang is currently stalled since the Hanoi summit in February 2019, in which Washington it refused to lift sanctions for considering the North Korean regime’s disarmament offer insufficient.

After the failure of the Trump administration to resolve the conflict, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, recently urged the new Joe Biden government to propose new alternatives to resume the dialogue, warning that Pyongyang is preparing new weapons tests.

The US has not revealed any news at the moment regarding the process of dialogue with North Korea Nor has it sent a direct message to the Kim regime, at least publicly.