It is of pure knowledge that the singer Camilo calls his wife, Evaluna Montaner, his “flea” for being small and cute. But was it necessary to do this with her? They filmed it on top!

March 26, 2020 11:44 AM

Camilo Y Evaluna Montaner They have been married for approximately two months and constantly demonstrate their happiness together on social networks.

They even put out their first song together! The same, called “For the first time”, shows in his video clip the best moments of the singers’ wedding. They brought tears to their fans.

In these weeks, they are being held with the Montaner family attentive to a mandatory quarantine dictated in most countries.

But that does not imply boredom, quite the opposite! Evaluna, her brothers, husband and parents have fun and share videos with fans to prove it, although the latest publication generated a stir for the physical integrity of the actress of Club 57 (Disney). Turn up the volume!

Camilo lay down on the floor and with his wife on top, he blew his back with the help of his legs. In the meantime, Mauricio Montaner, Her brother-in-law brought the speaker of the cell phone closer so that we could all hear how Evaluna’s back thundered. OMG!

Clicking on the back daily can cause cartilage to deteriorate, leading to pain or possible tendon and ligament tears. From this, fans of the couple became very concerned about this contradictory practice. Watch out Camilo with your flea!