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Microsoft continues to work to expand the Xbox Game Pass catalog and offer an attractive proposal to all its consumers. This is why it is striking that there are reasons to think that SoulCalibur VI could join the service.

Through the official Game Pass account, Xbox published a tweet in which it seems that a delivery of SoulCalibur is on the way to service. We say this since he assured that the name of the game shares letters with the phrase « coming soon » (in Spanish: it will arrive soon).

« I just realized that‘ SOULCALIBUR ’and‘ coming soon ’have some of the same lyrics… what does this mean? » The tweet says.

Shortly before, the Xbox Game Pass account hinted that we will soon know more about the games that will come soon to the service. Keep in mind that we are at the end of June and we still have to know which will be the first games that will arrive at Game Pass in July.

And you, do you think we will see SoulCalibur VI on Xbox Game Pass? What titles would you like to see come into service? Tell us in the comments.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that is available for Xbox One and PC. You can know more about everything it offers if you click here.