Soul was the most watched on streaming platforms at Christmas: it beat The Office

Nielsen publishes its ratings results for the US Christmas week and it turns out that Soul was more popular than The Office.

Without a doubt Soul, Pixar’s new animated film for Disney Plus, was one of the most anticipated premieres worldwide during this close of 2020.

But what few expected is that it would become the most popular production available for streaming platforms in the United States.

It is a market that becomes an obligatory reference and there, before Soul, there was an indisputable king for that period: The Office.

Another achievement for Disney Plus

According to the colleagues of Deadline, the people of Nielsen, this firm specializing in audience index data, or ratings, has released its figures for the period of December 21 to 27, 2020.

The week of Christmas is one of the most important references there, since the public is more captive in their homes than at any other point in the previous 12 months.

And it was in that period that Soul managed to accumulate a total of 1,669 million viewing minutes. Which was enough to surpass the cult series The Office, which managed only 1,435 million minutes.

The comedy starring for the most part by Steve Carell is in its last available on Netflix in the United States, before moving to Peacock.

So a good part of the subscribers of that service got into an extreme marathon to finish watching it before leaving the platform.

But even that wasn’t enough to surpass Pixar’s popularity with Soul from the hottest competitor at the time: Disney Plus.