Famous Soul and Hip Hop singer Mary J Blige teamed up with Fantinel Winery to present a limited edition of Pinot Grigio Tamato and Sauvignon Blanc wines called Sun Goddess Wines.

A limited edition full of delicious flavors inspired by the heat of the sun.

The name of this wine collection is inspired by Blige’s relationship with his mother and the love they both felt for the sun and the heat that emanates from the star king.

Regarding this limited edition of wines, the singer explained:

“A dear friend introduced me to Marco Fantinel referring to him as the producer of the best Pinot Grigio in the world. After walking through the vineyards and tasting the Fantinel (wine) family, I felt extremely connected to the place and, most importantly, to the people. ”

He also expressed that the moment felt necessary to form this alliance and thus offer an excellent product to the interested public.

« At that time, I felt the same magical energy that I always tried to capture from the sun and I knew it was an incredible opportunity to partner with someone who shared that passion and together we could try to create something that evoked that feeling. »

For his part, the Ceo of Fantinel Winery, Marco Fantinel expressed what it represents for the company to be able to share a production together with the famous singer.

“She is an icon whose creativity, passion, and strength have led to unmatched success in all of her endeavors. From day one, it was clear that she shared our philosophy to produce wines of the highest quality, authentic expressions of our land, dedication and craftsmanship, and we couldn’t think of a better partner and collaborator to bring customers these beautiful new wines. «