‘Sorry Stories’ – Have a cupcake, ridiculous

Whoever warns is not a traitor: ‘Lamentable Stories’ is indeed a “very Javier Fesser” film. A comedy that refers, especially or particularly, because I think so, to the times of a “miracle of P. Tinto” with whom he shares his narrative formed by the sum of “more or less fat chunks of history.” In total, four stories if one has not told badly, nor has one told badly one after another until in the end God raises them, and they all intersect.

And what else can be said that is not already said? Four stories much to the liking of Javier Fesser, the Spanish director who knows how to squeeze the most and best of every budget euro: If it had been another, his ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ would have cost the same as ‘The impossible’. Or more. If it had been another, the same, also, like that ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ directed by one of the Bardem, these ‘regrettable stories’ would have been regrettable but in a bad way. Or worse.

Fesser is like that tightrope walker who climbs with an extra glass to the wire shouting “calm down, I control”. Who said fear? Who Said Shame? If P. Tinto’s was the starter you get hungry, ‘Lamentable stories’ is the dessert that catches you with your stomach already a little satiated. It is still a very tasty and addictive sweet, but if you are not “very Javier Fesser” you will take it as the one who asks for it because it is included in the menu.

And for the record that a server stays with ‘Lamentable Stories’ before with ‘Champions’, although it is true that that one, like ‘Camino’, had a heart while in between the “Jimmy el Cachondo” was a authentic chaos (animated). These stories are more than just a hilarious reminder that we’re getting older. That with age we look at the tightrope walker with more fear than respect. That this, please, is serious.

Well, not really, it isn’t, and as a good comedy “very Javier Fesser” with more stupidity than soul, these ‘Lamentable Stories’ are a pastime that is as vivid as it is ultimately fleeting, without any of the above being nor good or bad more than fair. For a while it is, but it leaves no room even if that was never the intention: A little “prank” for friends of the little “pranks”. A very effective fool on the other hand.

Come on, what could be said, you know, how much is promised as much is warned.